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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Open Arms

Through all the turmoil of all my days
I forward go to a better place
For though I've lost some of these fights
I've never failed in my whole life
For every step not placed with care
Every moment of despair
Every second spent in dark
Every tear bled by my heart
All of it has led me here
To be this person without fear
It's taken time to understand
The wondrous ways fate moves it hand
The way it knows to knock us down,
To leave us longing to be found
For when it feels like we are done,
As though the battle can't be won
There floats a bit of hoping in
So we may feel the urge to win
And stand ourselves up in the storm
And fight for air, and peace, and warmth
For as we are we are enough
We're built to learn and give and love
And even on the coldest nights
When sadness robs light from our sight
We can recall our grand design
And find the will to push and try
To fumble foolish with our hearts
And welcome life with open arms...

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