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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why do good things always happen to bad people?

There are alot of you who feel this way...that good things always happen to bad people. You believe that in spite of the many atrocious acts they may have committed that there is some cosmic force somewhere helping their lives become so much easier than yours. And it leads to that all too familiar phrase, "That's not fair!" After all, you've been a good person for your entire life, with maybe a few minor exceptions, but no matter how nice or good you are, you always have to work a little bit harder than everyone else to get to the finish line. The bad news is that the bitterness you're feeling may be what's keeping you down. Every single aspect of our lives is meant as a learning tool. You can't grow as a human being if you are always more focused on the triumphs and failures of others. Your own path should always be your only concern. You may think you know what another person deals with on a daily basis, but unless they have told you their entire life story in explicit detail then you really have no idea. We are all taught different lessons at different times depending on where we are through out the many stages of our lives. These lessons may not be obvious all the time, sometimes they have to knock us on our ass and kick us while we're down for us to finally get it. So the next time you start looking out from your present calamity wondering why everyone else always smells like a rose and shines like a movie star, remember, if you sift through the pile of shit you're sitting in you just might find a nugget of knowledge. And that's the shiniest stuff there is.

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